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Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Dinner

The Leon and Sandra Levine Shabbat Experience:

Zero Pressure - Total Pleasure!

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Thank G‑d It's Shabbat!

Join us every Friday night for a fun a relaxed shabbat experience

Click here for info on the upcoming Friday night.

6:45pm: Inpirational Services
7:30pm: Gourmet
Shabbat Dinner
9pm: Dessert and Hanging Out

We got the best way to turn an ordinary Friday night into... a most exciting Shabbat!

*Great food
*Lively singing
*Exciting conversation
*Inspiring stories
*Stump the Rabbi and Yehudis
*See old friends and make new ones!

Come and go as you please... relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. And feel free to bring friends along too.

Many students have wondered is Chabad really for me? They think...

I am not religious. I can't even read Hebrew. In fact, I don't know too many people or any one that hangs out there. Will I feel awkward? Is it clicky?

The last time I did anything Jewish was my circumcision and I am not looking for any more pain!

So, we invite you to hear straight from the hearts of your peers. Jewish students from all walks of life and backgrounds right here in Durham-Chapel Hill.

Take a minute and read why they love coming to Chabad.

For invitation to our special Shabbat events, become out friend on facebook. Click Here

The Leon & Sandra Levine Shabbat Experience on Campus:
That's Shabbos at Chabad on Campus!

For more info: 919-357-5904 Click here for a map

"Shabbat at Chabad...
where dinner is free but the experience is priceless!"