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Funday For Kids
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Hebrew School for Parents -10:45am @ Carribou

Towards a Meaningful Jewish Life
Blending the spiritual and the practical,
“Towards a meaningful Jewish Life-A Spa for your Soul ” will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Judaism
and hopefully whet your appetite for continued personal growth and study in pursuit of your heritage. No Fee.
No Prior Knowledge required. You can join us for all or even one.
Taught by Rabbi Zalman & Yehudis Bluming

Week 1: Judaism -It's not a religion..It's a relationship
Week 2: Hatch, Match & Dispatch –The Jewish Lifecycles
Week 3: Jewish History- Where are we today ?
Week 4 : Jewish Gifts to the World-
Week 5: G‑d, Torah and the Jews
Week 6: Shabbat – An Island in Time
Week 7: Kosher – A Diet for the Soul
Week 8: Love and Intimacy –The Sanctity of Marriage
Week 9: Mitzvot – The Building Blocks of a Jewish Home
Week 10 : A Taste of the Talmud- You Be the Judge
Week 11 - Navigating the Bumps of Life - on Joy , Faith & Suffering

Sinai Scholars
12:30pm - 2:00pm @ Chabad
Meet for an hour and 30 minutes once a week for ten weeks to discuss the Ten Commandments in modern context over delicious Dinner. Oh, and did we mention there is a sweet stipend of $300.
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Torah & Twist – Every 3rd week


Falafel at the UNC Quad & Ask the Rabbi & Rebbitzen
Have questions? Want opinions? Looking for discussions? Seeking Advice? Need to talk? Meet up with Rabbi Zalman or Yehudis for an informal chat. No topic is off limits!

Dinner & Discussion for Post Grad girls 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Enjoy Food for the Body & Soul!

Torah & Tea 7:30pm
Sitting with friends, a cup of tea in hand ... open your heart to some inspiration and meaning!
Class by Mrs Esther Bluming


DUKE Law school Lunch N Learn
12pm. 25 minute discussion on Jewish ideas pertaining to the arena of Law & Business. Bagels N Lox to be served!

6:45pm services & 7:45pm Shabbat Theme Dinner @ Chabad 127 mallette St


Services begin at 10:30 AM
11:15am - 12:15pm Fascinating Discussion on the relevancy of the Torah portion of the week.
Each week a fresh topic of Discussion
12:15pm - Kiddush